The Health Impacts of Language Access Policies on Refugees and Immigrants in Albuquerque

The New Mexico Asian Family Center’s Global 505 program, is conducting a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) on language access policies within education, employment and transportation. Global 505 is an action-oriented network of immigrant and refugee leaders representing voices of Asian, African, Middle Eastern, and Latino populations within Albuquerque. Key partners are Artful Life, Women’s Global Pathways, Juntos: Our Air, Our Water, and Catholic Charities.

SJM10, which passed in 2016, reinforced the need for Title VI enforcement across an New Mexico systems receiving federal dollars as required by federal law. The HIA goals include: 1) building beloved community between immigrant and refugee families; 2) creating accessible community data that can support increasing access to schools, jobs, and transportation; and 3) connecting language access policies to health outcomes for all communities. The populations and geographic areas of focus for the HIA are immigrants and refugees living in Albuquerque.