Doña Ana Communities United


Doña Ana Communities United (DACU) is a fiscally sponsored project of the SINC division of the Rio Grande Community Development Corporation (RGCDC) and a core partner with NMHEP. DACU coordinates three main projects: the timebank, a weekly radio show, and the Social Equity Mapping initiative, to aid in creating a more vibrant and healthy Doña Ana County.

Vision Statement

We aspire to a vibrant Doña Ana County where all human beings are valued and everyone works together as equals to realize our full potential for individual and collective wellbeing.

Mission Statement

Doña Ana Communities United (DACU) creates welcoming spaces for all people, especially those whose voices and stories go unheard. We build genuine relationships, carry out uplifting projects, and engage with local government.

Doña Ana Communities United Updates:

Health Impact Assessment (HIA)

Contact Info

Doña Ana Communities United
151 S Walnut St Unit B13
Las Cruces, New Mexico 88001

Twitter: DACUnited
Instagram: timebanknm
Facebook: DACUnited

Get in touch directly

Kari Bachman, Doña Ana Communities United Coordinator
(575) 496-4330

In The News

DACU site visit to Silver City, NM

Doña Ana Communities United Members:

DACU Steering CommitteeTimebank Steering Committee
Andrew BencomoSusan Ansara
Cyrruss BK EasterlinShana Bachus
Randee GreenwaldFlorence Hamilton
Kay LilleyRosa Herrera
Connie Koumjian
LeeAnn Meadows
Shelly Nichols-Shaw
Michel Wing
DACU Current Project MappersDACU  Staff
Patricia GonzalezKari Bachman
Kevin Moose
Richard Quinn
Michael Seamster
Stanley Smith
Enrique Solis

Kari Bachman
Doña Ana Communities United Coordinator

Kari Bachman is the team coordinator for Doña Ana Communities United. Her previous job experience includes coordinating the Ideas for Cooking and Nutrition Program at NMSU Cooperative Extension Service, working as a farm educator, and serving in the Peace Corps. Kari’s passion for social justice is marked by her commitment to practice participatory facilitation methods and her respect for multiple perspectives. She has advocated for health-promoting policies including a healthy food zone ordinance, competitive foods rules, and Child Nutrition reauthorization. Kari obtained her bachelor’s degree from Swarthmore College in political science and her master’s degree from NMSU in Agricultural and Extension Education. She is currently pursuing a PhD in rhetoric and professional communication at NMSU. In her free time, Kari enjoys collecting oral histories, exploring foodways, experiencing other cultures, and participating in almost any kind of physical activity.