Why it Matters

At least, 15 policies positively impacted since 2012


How we respond

494 children and young people advocating for systems change


How we respond

343 parents advocating for systems change


Staying informed and engaged

1,334 community-based stakeholders engaged in the HEP network


Partnering for a healthy change

494 children and young people advocating for systems change


Staying Informed and Engaged

93 decision makers engaged in community efforts


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NMHEP has stood side-by-side with our wonderful community partners to shift power relations and advocate for policy and systems changes to create healthy and just communities! Collectively, we are working to build a future where every New Mexican has the opportunity to lead a healthy life, to live in neighborhoods where their children and families thrive, and to be able to have a say in the decisions that impact their communities and their lives.

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New Mexico needs residents actively involved in making a difference, and it needs communities serving as a galvanizing force to inform decision makers. HEP is creating spaces and processes to make this possible. We do this by connecting people, community groups, and decision makers. We bring together organizations and communities working on diverse movements. Our partnership is a statewide network that consists of four core partners and over 90 network members (grassroots organizations and community members in 15 counties) organizing and mobilizing around diverse issues. We primarily work with groups led by community members most directly impacted by the issues.

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Community Based Research

NMHEP uses a unique, multi-stakeholder statewide approach tailored to grassroots community assets and needs. This approach draws on the collective strengths of diverse partners and allies. The Partnership highly values cultural knowledge and engages communities by building on their assets to advocate for policy change.

Please explore the resources in this section and let us know if you have any questions.