Bernalillo County- HEALTH IMPACT ASSESSMENT (HIA): Albuquerque Bernalillo County Comprehensive Plan (ABC CompPlan) Update – 2015

The Health Matters New Mexico (HP4NM) team received funding to conduct an HIA process in order to provide Health in All Policies (HiAP) recommendations to the updating of the ABC Comp Plan, which is in process during 2015. Partners include, but are not limited to: UNM-School of Architecture and Planning, City of Albuquerque Planning Department, Urban Design Group, ABQ Neighborhood Coordinator, Bernalillo County Planning, Bernalillo County Cultural Affairs, South Valley Coalition of Neighborhood Associations, Westside Neighborhood Coalition, SouthWest Organizing Project, NM Water Assembly, South Valley Regional Acéquia Association, Center for Social Sustainable Systems (CESOSS), South Valley Alliance, La Plazita Institute, Town of Atrisco Grant Political Sub./Unit of Government, ABQ Peace and Justice Center, and Fregonese Associates. One overriding issue includes how the revised ABC Comp Plan may address expanding the outer boundaries of existing developed and public service areas and potential health impacts, particularly with those who are or will experience health inequities. HP4NM has been following the proposed Santolina Master Plan through completion of an HIA, as an example of how sprawl can impact the health of area residents. An active Steering Committee and community workshops are developing the scope that will lead to recommendations to the ABC CompPlan.