NMHEP Services

Strengthening Community-Driven Research

HEP provides funding, coaching, and training to support community-driven research, so community members can be the drivers of change.

Health Impact Assessment

The HEP has trained communities and organizations across New Mexico on how to use Health Impact Assessment to elevate community voice as part of decision making and to ensure community health is prioritized. HEP is currently working with Global 505, Somos Un Pueblo Unidos, and Together for Brothers on three innovative community driven HIAs.

Interested in Health Impact Assessment?

Please take a moment to read an overview of our wide array of Health Impact Assessment services and complete the survey so we can assess continued community interest in Health Impact Assessment and how HEP, through our, Health Impact Assessment services may best support your social justice and community health efforts in the future.

Boys and Men of Color Research and Evaluation Capacity Building Grants

HEP is excited to announce that we are a recipient of the 2017 RISE for Boys and Men of Color Capacity Building Award. RISE for Boys and Men of Color is a field advancement effort that aims to better understand and strategically improve the lives, experiences and outcomes of boys and men of color in the United States. RISE spans five fields (education, health, human services and social policy, juvenile and criminal justice, and workforce development) and focuses on four populations (Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Blacks, Latinos, and Native Americans). As a recipient of this award, in 2018 HEP will distribute a “capacity building resource” pool up to $40,000 to grassroots organizations in Albuquerque and in surrounding indigenous communities between March 1, 2018 and October 31, 2018. Five to eight small grants will be awarded between the amounts of $4,000 – $7,500. To learn more about this funding opportunity, please view the application here.

Planning and Design of Action-Oriented Community- Focused Convenings

HEP serves as a connector and convener of groups working across geographic, cultural, and issues areas and builds infrastructure for peer learning communities. We use a bottom up approach to address challenges by creating space for community members to serve as leaders. Over the past 5 years, HEP has worked to create critical connections and linkages among community partners and members from across the state via 48 statewide, regional, and small group gatherings. These gatherings were designed to deepen relationships, strengthen leadership skills, and ensure community voice is elevated as part of decision making. Additionally, we have provided logistics support for grassroots community organizations and members to attend national events.

  • HEP offers technical assistance services on how to effectively create community-focused gatherings aligned with core values, facilitate peer learning, and promote cross- stakeholder collaboration.
  • HEP also provides planning and logistical support services in designing and implementing community-based gatherings and events.

Action-Oriented Small Groups Gatherings

Currently, HEP is partnering with diverse community partners to support action-oriented small group gatherings in in Bernalillo, Hidalgo, Rio Arriba, Sierra, Santa Fe, and Taos counties. These gatherings are designed to cultivate transformational relationships to advance racial equity and improve community health. HEP understands that having spaces for cultivating transformational relationships are a necessary precursor to long-term community organizing and policy change.

Coordinating Gatherings to Strengthen the Health-Care Safety Net in New Mexico

HEP is collaborating with the Con Alma Health Foundation to strengthen the health-care safety net in New Mexico and support a network of organizations to advocate for health policies and health-care reform. The intent is to assure that all children and families have a fair chance at getting insurance coverage and accessing health care and other social resources which are needed to live a healthy life. HEP’s roles is to coordinate stakeholder convenings with Con Alma staff.

To learn more about HEP’s convening services please check out the following resources.

Here are some quotes from past participants-

“I don’t think there is anyone else in NM creating the space at the state level to address the intersecting root causes of inequity.”

“As I looked around the room, I would say that I had to gasp. I had never been in the midst of such a caring group of leaders who were so well informed about the issues at hand, but who also were so Caring, I found myself Gasping (upon entering), There was a determined, but gentle caring in the air, at every table, across the entire room. It was a gentle, but strong energy that permeated each interaction and the building of community before my very eyes. It was truly amazing. This signified to me the amount of planning that went into getting to this point of caring so early into the gathering. The activities were carefully selected and showed that the leadership had great skills in building community”