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Doña Ana Communities United (DACU)

The Doña Ana Communities United team, a core partner of the New Mexico Health Equity Partnership, has been working throughout the county to learn about community members’ perspectives and concerns about health in the region. To learn more about the critical work of the team please view the articles below.

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McKinley Community Collaborative for Health Equity (MCCHE)

The McKinley Community Collaborative for Health Equity, a core partner of the New Mexico Health Equity Partnership, is working to change systems that perpetuate environmental health disparities related to the impacts of multi-generational trauma and institutional racism by empowering participating communities within the county to impact equitable policy change.

MCCHE is partnering with Somos Un Pueblo Unidos and Somos Gallup to build the local capacity of community members to inform equitable policies. We are excited about this potential partnership to strengthen and expand the local community members skills across cultural backgrounds. To learn more about the important work of the NM Equity and Social Justice Institute team please view the news articles and blogs below.

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San Miguel County, NM: HIA – From Incarceration to Reintegration

The New Mexico Highlands University School of Social Work and the NMHU Foundation, Inc. received a grant and partnered with the San Miguel County Detention Center and its Citizen Advisory Committee, the Las Vegas Peace & Justice Center, the San Miguel County Family and Community Health Council, and numerous other community partners to conduct a Health Impact Assessment in the northeastern part of New Mexico. Communities here, which include San Miguel, Mora and Guadalupe Counties, struggle with higher than average rates of unemployment, substance abuse, DWIs, poverty, lack of access to health care and other basic services. These conditions lead to higher incarceration and recidivism rates. The health inequities among those who end up incarcerated are especially apparent. An Adult Reintegration Center has been proposed as a way to help address some of these health disparities. General goals of the Center would include: Reduce recidivism rates (currently at approximately 80%); improve overall health and safety of the community; promote mutual understanding and respect within the community; and enhance community-based partnerships. The HIA was completed in 2015 to address the feasibility of a Reintegration Center for this region. The HIA Team partnered with NMHU students who are conducting research to document the potential impacts a Reintegration Center would have on the communities in NE NM.  To learn more about the important work happening in Sam Miguel County, please  listen to the following interview, and read the articles below.

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C02 Pipeline Team

To explore how the proposed pipeline could affect community health, national non-profit organization Human Impact Partners led a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) with partners who include the New Mexico Health Equity Partnership, the Partnership for a Healthy Torrance Community, the New Mexico Department of Health, and Torrance County residents.  The HIA highlighted how the proposed pipeline could affect health and equity in surrounding communities. Priority issues in the HIA included potential impacts to: culture and connections to the land, changes in land use, economic vitality, safety, and water resources. To learn more about the important which took place in Torrance County, please view the following article.

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Sun Port Boulevard Extension Project – Health Impact Assessment

Con Alma Health Foundation – Health Equity in New Mexico through the ACA:

NM Alliance of Health Councils Policy Committee