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Health Equity in New Mexico through the ACA:

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Additional Resources:

  • Fathers Building Futures 2018 annual letter & Fact Sheet
  • AARP Livability Index
  • RWJK – Life Expectancy
  • New Mexico Grant Resources: We’ve been training leaders in the field about planning effective programs, getting them funded, and collaborating with colleagues for almost 50 years.
  • College degrees for social justice: it breaks down numerous career trajectories and ideas, spotlights core social justice courses, talks to experts in the field, and includes dozens of resources in case students want to learn more.
  • iGive.com: Supporters sign up and shop online with the link and desktop button and your organization gets a percentage of their purchases. Each online store is a different percentage.
  • Smith’s Community Rewards: Sign up your non-profit with Smith’s and ask your supporters to link their shopping card to your organization and you get a percentage of their purchases.
  • Amazon Smiles: You can sign up your non-profit and your supporters use the Amazon Smiles link to shop and you get a donation for their shopping. You have to be classified as a public charity to be able to sign up for this one.
  • Bravelets.com: They have a wonderful selection of bracelets and jewelry your supporters can buy that you will get a percentage of the sales.
  • The Giving Bean Coffee Company: You can either set up an account and do online coffee sales or do a blitz and sell great coffee to your supporters.
  • good360.org: Companies donate products. Nonprofits choose the products they want on our GivingPlace360 marketplace. Individuals like you help cover shipping & handling costs. Nonprofits get what they need, to help more people in need
  • www.naeir.org : We support communities by collecting merchandise donations from generous American corporations and giving it to non-profits like you.
  • www.google.com/nonprofits: Google for Nonprofits offers organizations like yours free access to Google tools like Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Ad Grants, YouTube for Nonprofits and more. These tools can help you reach new donors and volunteers, work more efficiently, and tell your nonprofit’s story.
  • www.nonprofit-success.com: Website dedicated to helping your nonprofit with resources tips and guides.
  • doublethedonation.com/blog/2014/08/top-10-companies-that-donated-to-charity: Tons on great info on where do to look for donations and in kind giving. Many top companies have programs that they will donate either items or have a grant system. Each company has their own criteria as to what organizations they would like to help. Go to their websites and search donations or philanthropy. Some examples are: Disney, Nike, Microsoft, Kohl’s, EBay for Charity, American Eagle, IBM, Verizon, State Farm, Sony, Samsung, Coca Cola, CVS, General Mills, Pepsi, Starbuck, Walmart, Best Buy, General Electric, HP, to just name a few.