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Who are we?

The NMHEP comprises local, state and national partners, including the National Collaborative for Health Equity, Human Impact Partners, New Mexico Alliance of Health Councils, New Mexico Department of Health–Health Promotion, tribal and community health councils, NMHEP Core partner teams, and Health Impact Assessment teams. The Partnership’s extended network includes a broad base of community members, advocacy groups, civic organizations, youth groups, faith-based organizations, nonprofits, legal service providers, universities and other educational entities, government agencies and other allies working closely with NMHEP-affiliated organizations. The NMHEP also recognizes that effective policy change must have the support of key decision makers, powerbrokers and other leaders. NMHEP uses a unique, multi-stakeholder statewide approach tailored to grassroots community assets and needs. This approach draws on the collective strengths of diverse partners and allies. Cross-sector relationships foster the leveraging of expertise and resources. Decisions are made collectively and transparently. The Partnership highly values cultural knowledge and engages communities by building on their assets to advocate for policy change. Groups directly affected by proposed policies and projects are afforded a seat at the table, so they can participate from planning to implementation. Community members directly impacted by health inequities hold active leadership roles.

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