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    What is the connection between “Full Citizenship for Native Peoples” and Health Equity?
    – It is connected because without full citizenship, there is not food security, economic security etc. All of these impact health.
    – Additionally, IHS is running out of funding. People die waiting for a transplant. It is a broken system. IHS is an underfunded system.

    Health Equity means from an indigenous perspective “to walk in beauty, again” It is a practice of trying to be a good human being. Sustained as a people. Focus on many of the words used here today – community, collaboration, relationships. There is an indigenous version of this.

    There are other perspectives on the topic of “Full Citizenship for Native Peoples”. For some, citizenship is not necessarily the answer. The system is a colonial democracy and oligarchy which does not give a damn about the earth. This is not healthy; it is de-natured. Why would we want to participate in such a system?

    Key statements heard through the panel conversations:
    – We are who we are and not what you want us to be.
    – No agenda, no process, not trying to replace the current system.
    – Recognized value and gifts of each other.
    – Nothing is changing – health care, socioeconomic status, mental health services.

    The federal government is a vain system; they can do no wrong.

    Utilize human rights platform and an indigenous rights platform.

    There is rich diversity in New Mexico. Try new things and ways to do a better job. Need to lay the foundation to have a broader national narrative on the state of indigenous communities.

    What we have come up with through the statewide gathering are COMMON POLICY STRATEGIES (long term rather than recommendations).
    – Valuing all people equally.
    – There are historical inequities – together we need to understand the laws and stategize for cultural citizenship for all communities.
    – Claiming space and identity – education, housing, water.
    – Concerned about human rights violations. We need to hold the line together. What do people need to continue to do the work.
    – Would be interesting to map dynasties of families in New Mexico.

    There are multiple approaches.
    – Need to build a critical mass – we don’t all have to do the same thing.


    You can read the New Mexico Health Equity Partnership Statewide Policy Strategies summary here.

    Please let us know if you or your organization are currently working on one or more of these issues or utilizing these strategies? This platform is a great way to connect to other folks working in the spirit of health equity.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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