Why it Matters

Universal health care; 0% food insecurity; energy efficient affordable transportation; emotionally / physically stable families.


Partnering for a Healthy Change

An active and engaged community that works collaboratively to identify and address common concerns.


Why it Matters

Smaller prison populations; longer life spans; greater optimism, and higher achievement at schools.


How We Respond

We are the coach, cheerleader, connector, mentor and project manager that make healthy communities possible in New Mexico.


Staying Informed and Engaged

Community members informed, engaged and empowered to change health conditions in their community.

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  • Submit news, accomplishments, job announcements, events, to the HEP newsletter/website calendar.
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Network Member benefits include the opportunity to:

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If you have any questions about donating, please contact us at 505-490-1202 or email jjensen@nmhep.org.


New Mexico needs residents actively involved in making a difference, and it needs communities serving as a galvanizing force to inform decision makers. HEP is creating spaces and processes to make this possible. We do this by connecting people, community groups, and decision makers. We bring together organizations and communities working on diverse movements. Our partnership is a statewide network that consists of four core partners and over 70 network members (grassroots organizations and community members) organizing and mobilizing around diverse issues. We primarily work with groups led by community members most directly impacted by the issues.

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There are no upcoming events at this time.


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